Click below to buy a spin or 2 spins or more and portion of the cost goes to charity for each spin purchased.  $10 - 1 spin, $15 - 2 spins, $20 - 3 spins, $25 - 4 spins & $30 - 5 spins


Our goal is to donate $2000 or more to the charity of the month and we appreciate everyone that helps us attain that goal!


We do a live show every Tuesday Night, starting at 8pm CST.  During the show we spin the wheel and see how many oysters and jewelry you've won with your spin!  Then we open your oysters!


It is so exciting and fun and we hope you will join us, even if you do not purchase.  Like and share the video during the live show and you could win a free oyster!!!


For every 10 orders, we will also be doing a drawing to give away a tray of oysters.  Only those who order for that night are entered into the drawing.


AND, as if that wasn't enough, those who place their orders in advance of the live show will be entered into a SECOND drawing to win a beautiful pendant.  Pendant prizes will vary from show to show. AND get a second entry into the order drawings for free trays.


We were able to raise $170 for the Angel's Among Us Foundation.  This was the first month we went live or did any charity events so although the amount was small, we were happy to be able to contribute something to this amazing foundation.

June Charity was ANGELS AMONG US

Do you have a charity that is dear to your heart?

Send me a msg by using the contact us feature on the site or emailing directly to and let me know the name of the charity, the website, and why it is important to you.  I will be picking a new charity every month and would love to hear from you!

July Charity is Sarcoma Foundation of America

My dear friend Courtney is a survivor of Spindle Cell Sarcoma and has been dedicated to not just surviving but thriving in her life and to giving back.  This month is dedicated to her courage and to anyone who is or knows someone that is currently fighting, has survived or has passed from some form of Sarcoma Cancer.  

Here are some facts:

6000 people die of Sarcoma cancer every year

15,000 new cases are diagnosed each year 

20% of all childhood cancers are Sarcomas

Help us raise money to fight this horrible disease!!