Welcome to the Princess-Pearl family and congratulations on deciding to become a Princess-Pearl Lady/Lad!  As a PPL you will get a 20-40% discount on ALL our products AND have access to items BEFORE they go on sale!!   AND I'll be here to help you succeed in any way I can!!

Your package includes $1245 Value for only $500.


You get 50 oysters

3 chains (20", 22" & 24"),

3 cage pendants (pendants will vary from kit to kit - if you have a preference note that in comments and we will try to accomodate your choices)

1 Starfish Tray,

1 Shucking Knife

2 Display Shells with Display Sand,

1 Caliper

100 Small Clear baggies

50 Large Clear baggies

50 Princess-Pearls Thank You Labels


  • You can promote the business any way you like, but if you want to be successful, be professional!!  Please note that we do have a few very strict rules. 


    1 Keep Your Promises to Your Customers

    2 Never Promise What You Cannot Deliver

    3 Deliver Your Products When You Say You Will

    4 Do Not Abuse the Discount - It is for consultants only

    5 Sales are fine but you should sell your oysters at the current rate of $20 per oyster in order to make a solid profit and maintain business standards

    7 You are an independant consultant and responsible for your own business, so don't give way the farm to family and friends

    8 Create a cool name for your business, but keep the brand.  Princess-Pearls is our Brand so Be Proud to be a Princess-Pearls Lady/Lad!  Just remember to choose something that will draw them in!

    9 Trade Secrets - never tell your customers anything that we share with you regarding business strategy, pricing, upcoming sales until its time to announce, or anything else that would be considered a trade secret.

    10 Go live, go live, go live!!HAVE FUN!!


  • As a company, we have a no return policy.  However, for the starter kit, if you are unhappy or decide you no longer wish to be a consultant, we will take back the Oysters Only.  It will be your responsibility to ship them, and we will refund 25% of the original purchased pricing for all undamaged Oysters returned in their original packaging.  No returns or refunds after 90 days.