This is an open at home gift box.  You can add a personal message to be added inside the box if you would ilke this to be a gift for someone OR just order for yourself!  Its fun and exciting and you'll love it!  Comes with a card telling  you what the pearl inside the Oyster means, one pendant and one chain.  Please indicate which pendant you would like.


SKU: Box1
  • This product is not meant for children under the age of 12.  CHOKING HAZARD.  This product is not meant for consuption.  Princess-Pearls will not be held accountable for any accident, accidental death, choking, swallowing, injury or other due to misuse of the product.


    Natural Oysters are sharp - use caution when opening.  Princess-Pearls is not responsible for any injuries due to opening oysters at home.