Three Akoya oyster to be opened online.  If you are buying jewelry with your oysters, please indicate that in the comment section below.

THREE Oysters

  • Our Oysters are cultured to have pearls in them.  Some are color enhanced and some are not. They range from 5 to 8 mm in size and can be round or oval or dimpled etc as these are farm grown natural pearls.  We cannot guarantee what colors, sizes or shapes you'll get but that is part of the fun and excitement!  We do, however, GUARANTEE that you will get a pearl with every oyster and some oysters even have TWO pearls in them!  Your oysters will be opened live on FB.

  • There is no return policy for this item as it is opened online during a live showing on FB.  You are guaranteed a pearl with each oyster but you are not guaranteed the size or color of the pearl.  Pearls can be in different shapes and sizes and colors.