Free shipping within the United States.  Cost for overseas is $30.00 flat rate shipping.  Please note that in-stock  jewelry ships within 2 to 3 days, and will arrive within 5 to 7 days after shipping.  Overseas shipping will take longer to arrive based on  your location.  You will be notified if there are any delays.


We do not accept returns.  All sales are final. 


Payment online via credit or debit card only.


Princess-Pearls and any of its affiliates, will not be liable for any damages or injuries incurred by misusing these products.  They are meant for standard jewelry wearing purposes only.  OUR OYSTERS ARE NOT FOR CONSUMPTION OF ANY KIND.  KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.  SWALLOWING/CHOKING HAZARD.  If you ingest an oyster, a pendant or a pearl, please contact a medical professional for treatment advice.  Note - oysters are soaked in a solution for preservation during shipping and come from China.  Some allergic reactions to the solution have occurred, so use caution when handling the oysters.

We are not jewelers, and we do not advise the value of the products sold.  You will need to take them to a jeweler to have them appraised for fair market value.